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About Herman & Associates

Herman & Associates is a Washington-based consulting firm specializing in energy and environmental issues. The firm's clients include major refiners, chemical companies, trade associations, and oxygenate producers and marketers. The firm's president, Marilyn J. Herman is a widely recognized expert in the field of petroleum products and air quality regulations.

Prior to founding Herman and Associates, Ms. Herman was appointed to serve as Deputy Director of a Congressional Commission on Alcohol Fuels, Chaired the U.S. Department of Energy's Task Force on Alcohol Fuels, and held various senior positions within the Environmental Protection Agency's Office of the Administrator and Mobile Source Enforcement. Prior to joining the EPA, Ms. Herman served as legislative aide to Senator A. Ribicoff on Capitol Hill.

Ms. Herman is a member of ASTM's Committee on Petroleum Products and Lubricants, and was recently appointed to serve as Chairperson of the ASTM Task Force on Reformulated Gasoline. She also was appointed to serve as a member of the National Conference on Weights and Measures' Petroleum Subcommittee, responsible for recommending changes in national standards on gasoline, gasoline oxygenate blends, and diesel fuels.


Welcome to Herman & Associates on-line. With over 20 years of experience in fuel regulation, Herman and Associates is uniquely qualified to provide you the information you need to comply with federal and state motor fuel requirements.

No one knows more about state and federal fuel laws and regulations, and our website is designed to help you find everything you need to know in order to comply with constantly changing motor fuel regulations. Whether its new amendments to California's Cleaner Burning gasoline regulations, or the latest developments on state ozone nonattainment areas required to meet new low-sulfur/low-rvp limits, Herman and Associates' service has the most accurate, detailed, and comprehensive information.

Most importantly, because of our experience, we can advise you on how such legal requirements impact your business. And as an additional tool, our service identifies who to contact at the Federal and state level.

How to Order

Subscriptions to Herman and Associates' Legislative and Regulatory Compliance Service are available on an annual basis. We are also providing a time limited free trial upon request.

To obtain further details on how to order or view the website, please contact us at the following:

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